New from Windham - Color Theory series by Carrie Bloomston

We have the full collection in stock!

"For Color Theory, I knew I wanted to share my passion for the language of color. As an art teacher, I wanted to bring in the creative joy of my middle school art classroom. When I opened my art file, I was particularly drawn to the hand-painted color palettes I created for each collection....

The collection feels funky, fresh, edgy, and cool to me. And you can even learn something about, for example, the darkness of drawing pencil leads, or what an analogous color is! I can't wait to see what you and your customers make. Hint: you're going to want to sew things for all the artists and creatives in your life with this collection. Aprons, anyone? Celebrate your inner artist!" -Carrie

100% Cotton

Sold by the half metre. One unit is 1/2 metre. 2 units = 1 metre. 3 units = 1.5 m. 4 units = 2 m. Fat Quarter option measures 22" by 18".